Saturday Sprouting Reads

Fortnightly Saturday Meditation Ritual to ruminate over articles in Agritech and Agribusiness. As slowly as wise cows do.

Dear Friends, Greetings from Hyderabad, India! Welcome to Saturday Sprouting Reads! About Sprouting Reads If you've ever grown food in your kitchen…
Whenever economists want to talk about farmers exiting farming without sounding offensive, they talk about structural transformation. Can China and…
We've largely been touchy-feely about Green Revolution and haven't understood its unintended consequences. Can we reimagine our food systems in bolder…
If you are feeling sunny this weekend, play tennis or watch movies. Don't read further. I bring some old bad news.
Would historians of the future mark 2023 as the beginning of an era of food insecurity?
Has the Ukraine War revealed the high-voltage fault lines between the two paradigms of global agriculture?
Agriculture and Food systems are 'wicked' problems. When you peel the layers of any food and agriculture related wicked problems, you have already…
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