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Namaste! My name is Venky. How are we doing? Trust you are reading this in the pink of your health and spirits.

When I founded Agribusiness Matters in June'20, I was among the earliest agritech analysts in the industry, covering the global agritech ecosystem, with an exclusive focus on Asia and smallholding contexts.

Agribusiness Matters is a future-focused, one-person independent analyst firm, developing in-depth agritech sector research, serving enterprises large and small, NGOs, development organisations and governments undertaking digital transformation in food and agriculture systems through innovative technological change in an age of runaway climate change.

More than 35K+ readers trust Agribusiness Matters to provide incisive research, ABM Townhall Webinars, courses, podcasts and blog posts offering a future-oriented take on innovative trends and tools in the world of agritech.

Agribusiness Matters's readership targets leading agritech investors, entrepreneurs, founders, decision-makers, rising leaders in agritech, and senior executives, IT engineers and agritech product professionals at food and agricultural enterprises across different agritech verticals.

My work on agriculture has been featured in The Hindu Business Line, Indian Express, PrecisionAg, AgroPages, Agribusiness Global, and Crop Life publications. My vision for Indian Agriculture was recorded on the TED platform in 2021.

You can review the 2023 Agribusiness Matters in Review to learn more. If you’re considering subscribing, you probably want to know who I am, and what you can expect from this newsletter.

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  • …interrogate wicked, existential questions that sit at the uncomfortable interstices of Climate Change, Sustainability & Agriculture.

  • …venture boldly into the wilderness and grope the beast called Agriculture with humbling awareness of the impossibility of the task - We are the blind men, with each of us, trying to cope with the mysteries of the beast, grabbing hold of some part or other, and, in the words of John Godfrey Saxe’s poem:

Rail on in utter ignorance of what each other mean, And prate about an Elephant Not one of [us] has seen!

Each part of the Elephant, as seen in my stunted imagination, by various people who work in the domain of agriculture. Remember this. The elephant is more than the sum of the parts.

Currently, I publish “State of Agritech” posts for subscribers and host town halls for the members of Agribusiness Matters. You can subscribe at ₹ 1201/mo or ₹ 12,001/year to access all the paywalled content.

If you want to offer group subscriptions to colleges and institutions that are serious about the kind of questions I am interested in pursuing, do write to me at venkyr@hey.com.

You can tune in to my chatty self on LinkedIn, where I talk about everything under the sun.

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