Agritech and the Promise of Disruption

Dear Friends,

This is going to be a short event update + Teaser.

Event Update: I have an upcoming LinkedIn + Youtube Live event later in the day, where I will be dialoguing with Shubhang Shankar, Managing Director, Syngenta Ventures. We will talk about Agtech and the Promise of Disruption. I had been wanting to chat with Shubhang, ever since I read his fantastic retrospective piece on the promises unkept by Agtech in the 2010s.

After writing an elaborate albeit tangential commentary on his piece, I thought it would be good to do a follow-up. This will be a 90-min deep-dive dialogue with someone who has seen Agtech closely for about half a decade, across different seasons. It should be fun. I promise. You can RSVP here. 

Upcoming Article Update:

I have been giving final touches to an article I am working on the #FarmBills Controversy exploding in the country. I am spending more time than usual on this so that it is hopefully deep enough for those in the farming domain to ponder about and accessible enough to the curious laymen audience who have been increasingly paying attention to this, thanks to the political controversy that has broken all hell loose.

I can’t be sure, but I am trying my best to make it comprehensive and dare I say with a tinge of arrogance, the final word on this matter. If you have any questions, or concerns that you want me to address in this #FarmBills piece, this is your chance.

Feel free to post your comments and reflections so that we could have a deeper discussion on this most important hot-button topic in the country.