Jun 7, 2022 • 7M

Audio Precis of 'All Agritech Marketplaces are not created equal'

In which I hover around my recent subscriber-only article and share few triggers which birthed the framework I created for the article.

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Venky Ramachandran
Straight talk on Digital Agriculture, Agritech and Agribusiness Matters. Because, let's face it. Agribusiness matters.
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Dear Readers,
Hi! My name is Venky. I write Agribusiness Matters every week to help us make sense of vexing questions of food, agribusiness, and digital transformation in an era of Climate change. Feel free to dig around the archives if you are new here.

Agribusiness Matters is read by those who seek interdisciplinary perspectives on a multi-variable, multi-agent domain called Agriculture in an age of runaway Climate Change.

Dear Readers,

I had a lovely vacation, having ruminated enough about why humans work hard. I am now slowly worming myself into a new rhythm, excited to take more risks and create something new.

After a vacation break of 20 days, I am finally excited to get something out in a new form - audio. As a musician, voice is something very dear to me, and I am excited to try new formats. In this audio commentary/precis, I try to explain the triggers that went behind the article and give you a small flavour of how I put together the framework that went into the article.

To kick things off: here is an audio precis of my subscriber-only article, All Agritech Marketplaces are not created equal.

If you are short of time and money to read my articles, these audio precis posts will give you a flavour and help you decide if it’s worth your time and money. Even if you are a subscriber and you’ve read the article, this audio precis will give you a good tangent to go behind the scenes and understand what led to the framework that created the article.

This is in experimental mode and I created it in one take, and hence please be kind to a newbie podcaster. Do share any ideas/suggestions to do podcasting well.

I hope you enjoy it.