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First of all, thank you for your writing. It’s well done.

So you know, I’m a 35 yr bioengineering - protein technology executive, in-house seed venture only professional. I have spent more time in biologics - protein manufacturing - food processing - big ag plants than 90% of the entire VC community. Understanding how everything works is base camp. At least for me. From there, different ideas can be formulated and brought into practice.

When I see what is considered climate technology, today, I have look very hard. But the one area that does stand out the most is what you describe as the ag value chain. I don’t call it that but since you do, I’m going with it. That chain is fixable. My newest venture is actually working in that space but what I figured out, it needs to start with the assets we have in hand now. The one most broken. Cow based GHG for example. Sure, Gates is financing a vaccine for it. But that’s 10 yrs out. There are scrubbers, feed additives etc. In my view, you pointed out the most glaring - ironically what I concluded 4 yrs ago - the upstream must be combined with the downstream.

Investing in “futurizing” is the key.


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