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Aug 23, 2020Liked by Venky Ramachandran

It is indeed very revealing that despite the poor land records from the days of the British Raj , India has 90% village computerized records on hand. Then it is mobilizing the various State entities to shake their lethargy and start moving towards better surveys done and have GPS linked systems to commence serious attempts to work on Credit, Capacity and History of operations made available today for the investing bodies and streamline farm to warehouses to dealers and D2C table data.

In this the there could be areas of overlaps and the quicker we implement the paradigm shift, the easier to help our small farmers. Enough homages have been paid to lots of talk by politicians and various parties. Time for action could be channelled by Private-Public Partenrship to ease the burden of Capital and Expertise. These are bit far-fecthed in some States

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