Sep 20, 2020 • 8M

How do you make sense of Plantix Strategy in India?

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Venky Ramachandran
Conversations with food and agribusiness leaders bravely building the future of food and agriculture in an age of runaway Climate Change
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Sunday Digest Edition of Agribusiness Matters.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a deep-dive on Plantix India strategy.

I first published Plantix and Two Roads to Digital Agriculture and followed it up with Plantix and Jevons’ Paradox Revisited.

As an experiment, I thought I will do a podcast episode on Sundays so that you need not spend more time staring at your laptop/mobile.

You could take a brisk walk, enjoy your sunday morning and listen to this short and hopefully sweet eight minute long digest episode, summarizing my take on Plantix so far and few thoughts on the comments that I received on the last newsletter.

You could also listen to this episode here.

This is an experiment. Be kind.

If it works, I will do more episodes. Let me know your feedback.

Enjoy your sunday.