Sitemap - 2021 - Agribusiness Matters

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Bayer<>Microsoft, MSP, Agrifood Lifesciences)

12. When Bayer Met Microsoft

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agritech Fullstacker's Dilemma, Punjab, Marxist Guide to Agritech)

11. The Agritech Fullstacker's Dilemma

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Farm Laws, Collateral Managers, The Problem with India's Sachet Revolution, Climate Change)

10. Death of a Collateral Manager

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Seeing Agriculture As a Logistics Problem, Agri-Input Retailing Platform Wars, Forty Years of Agtech)

9. Farmart, Plantix Dukaan [Store], DotPe and Agri Input Retailing Platform Wars

8. How to Succeed in the Era of Studio Agriculture?

One Year In, Seven Learnings

Saturday Sprouting Reads (State of Indian Agriculture, Sri Lanka's Organic Farming Experiment, Sikkim)

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Chickenisation, Solvable Food, China's Quest for Protein, Lab-grown Meat)

7. Private Amazon, BharatAgri's $6.5 Mn Fundraise & Cargill's Digital Saathi (Friend) Platform Launch

The Studio Era of Agriculture Begins

6. Unbound Agriculture

5. payAgri, FBNisation of Indian Agtech & Dystopian Future of Agriculture🌱

Sunday Reflections (Corteva, FBN & Cargill)

4. Vegrow, Aggregation Theory and Future of Agriculture🧑‍🌾

Sunday Reflections (Ninjacart, Agribazaar & Farm-to-Fork)

3. Zomato, Markets 🍕 and Farm-to-Fork 🍴Marketplaces

Can Farmer Live By The Internet Alone?

'Agribusiness Matters' Open Hall Announcement

Sunday Reflections (Jai Kisan, Agri-Fintech)

Regarding Upcoming Agritech Samvaad (Dialogue) this Friday on 'Reimagining Rural Livelihoods'

Making Sense of Jai Kisan's 💰30Mn Raise

Sunday Reflections (Agri Fintech, Farmer Protests)

Indian Agri Fintech 🏦 Comes of Age

Agritech Samvaad (Dialogue) on Organic Agriculture & Retailing

Regarding Upcoming Agritech Samvaad (Dialogue)on Organic Agriculture and Retail

Why Agribusiness is Wicked

Reflections on Agritech Samvaad (Dialogue) with Mark Kahn

👀 Agribusiness Matters' Subscribers Billing Upgrade Announcement

Regarding Agritech Samvaad Event on Friday

The Agribusiness Matters Reloaded

Sunday Reflections (23/05/21)

Warm Data Story of the Week: What happens when India runs out of groundwater?

Sunday Reflections (16/05/21)

Why Technology is a Second Order Priority *Right Now* in Indian Agriculture?

Sunday Reflections (09/05/21)

Sprouting Reads #7: Greg Meyers' Friendly Call to Arms to Agribusiness

Sunday Reflections (02/05/21)

One Metric to Govern Them All: Producer Support Estimate

Welcome to Monday Medley!

Sprouting Reads #6: Water, Wars and the Future- The Story of Water Cooperatives in South India

Traceability Matters: Agribusiness Matters Digest Edition

Sprouting Reads #5: Agritech Venture Capital Dilemma -Rhishi Pethe's Interview with Sarah Mock

Quick Update: Going LIVE NOW

Traceability Certifications and Mangalwar Idiocracy Syndrome

Sprouting Reads #4: Zack Fuss on Breaking Down the Food Ecosystem. Plus! A new eco-modern rap song.

Sprouting Reads #3: Jagadeesh Sunkad on Farmers' Share of Consumers' Price

Greta Thunberg and the aftermath of Farm Laws' Politics in India

LIVE Event Update: "Making Sense of FPO's grand promise"- Dialogue with Emmanuel Murray

13 Things They Don't Tell You About Traceability in Food and Agribusiness

Great Expectations: Setting the Context for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO)

Sprouting Reads #2: TCA Ranganathan's Opinion on Farms and Cities

Sprouting Reads #1: Amitabh Kant's Agritech Oped, Jain Irrigation's Recast Plan & India's Edible Oil Problem.

Bullet-Point Report: Farm to Fork

Gramophone, Dehaat and the Wave of Integrators

Dehaat, Gramophone and the Evolution of Retail in Agriculture