Sitemap - 2022 - Agribusiness Matters

The 2022 Agribusiness Matters Year in Review

State of Agritech - 23rd December 2022

<Announcement>Launching my Agritech Executive Sparring Practice

State of Agri-fintech

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Big 6 Agritech Gameplays, A No Man's Land Named Agribiotech, Monbiot's Livestock Villainy, Pre-Colonial Rural India)

Quick Heads Up: Invite-Only Panel Discussion on "State of Agrifintech"

Goliathan Agritech Gameplays

A Study of Agriculture as if Climate Change Mattered

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agritech Hype Cycles, GM Mustard Imbroglio, Human Soil)

The Art of Happy Agritech Exit with Sreeram Raavi

State of Agritech - 20th October 2022

Bioprime's Primary Bet

Saturday Sprouting Reads: An Era of Food Insecurity?

A No Man's Land Called Agri-Biotech

How do you solve a problem like agritech?

State of Agritech - 4th September 2022

Saturday Sprouting Reads: Crouching Dragon, Dancing Elephant

Can Syngenta build Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP) for smallholding countries?

State of Agritech - 14th August 2022

Saturday Sprouting Reads: Green Revolution 2.0 Myth

State of Agritech - 31st July 2022

Saturday Sprouting Reads: 'Luxury Beliefs' and Limits to Growth in Food and Agriculture

Audio Precis of "Is Organic Food a Luxury Belief for the Privileged"

Is Organic Food a 'Luxury Belief' for the Privileged?

Saturday Sprouting Reads: The Clash of Paradigms and the Unbundling of Global Agriculture

Audio Precis of 'State of Agritech - 3rd July 2022'

Event Update: State of Indian Agriculture' 22 with Jagadeesh Sunkad

State of Agritech - 3rd July 2022

Saturday Sprouting Reads: The Four Fundamental Forces of the global food price crisis

Event Update: State of Agritech'22 with Mark Kahn

Why I Invested in Gramoday

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agritech Marketplaces, State of Environment, Inequity in Agriculture)

Audio Precis of 'All Agritech Marketplaces are not created equal'

Vacation Break

All Agritech Marketplaces Are Not Created Equal

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Mental Models for Agritech, Platform Cooperatives, Agricultural Economics)

Nine Mental Models for Agritech Founders and Investors

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Ecosystems, Private-Public Partnerships, Gram Swaraj)

Leaf and the Power of Ecosystems

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Big Ag's Digital Ag Gameplays, Collateral Management, Green Revolution)

Corteva's Digital Ag Gameplay, Agtech 1.0 as Vapourware, Capital Raising 'Scalers' of Agritech

Saturday Sprouting Reads (What Agri-Input Retailers Want in 2022, Indonesian Agritech, Chinese Agritech)

What do Agri-Input Retailers Want [in 2022] from Agritech?

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agriculture =/=!Business, Derelict Wells, Fertiliser Prices)

Is Agriculture a Business?

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agri Food Lifesciences Files, Indian Wool Sector's Woes, Indian Agriculture After the Revolt)

Welcome to Agri Food Life Sciences Files

Saturday Sprouting Reads (UPL Vs Bayer, Food Quality Digitisation, Sri Lanka, Fertiliser Crisis)

Three things They Don’t Tell You About Digitising Food Quality

Viral Break

13. UPL Vs Bayer

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Meditations for Agritech Founders, Platformed Rural India by 2030, Turmeric Triumph)

Seven Meditations for Agritech Founders to review 2021 and plan for 2022