Sitemap - 2020 - Agribusiness Matters

Agribusiness Matters: 2020 Year in Review

Can I Offer You A Grey Pill on Farm Laws?

The New Farm Laws and The 'Annadata' (The One Who Feeds) Conundrum

Will the Real Agritech Platform Please Stand Up?

🤦‍♂️ A Freudian Slip on "Can Agri Inputs Be 'Original 4 Sure'

Can Agri-Inputs Be 'Original 4 Sure'?

Shirky Principle and Eternal War Footing Against Spurious Agri-Inputs

The Agribusiness Matters Digest Edition

Four Ways to Lawfully Kill the Promise of Indian Agtech.

The Samudra Manthan (Oceanic Churning) of Indian Agriculture

Unpacking the #FarmBills Controversy: In Defense of Government

The New Agribusiness Matters

Unpacking #FarmBills Controversy

Unpacking the #FarmBills Controversy: No Country for Middle Men

When do you trust AI for identification of insect species?

Unpacking the #FarmBills Controversy: The Story of Agriculture in India So Far

Agritech and the Promise of Disruption

How do you make sense of Plantix Strategy in India?

Plantix and Jevons' Paradox Revisited

Agri-Input Hierarchy of Needs + Event Update

Plantix and Two Roads to Digital Agriculture

When Agritech Met Agriculture

What If We Believed In Indian Agtech to solve the Agrarian Crisis?

Thread: Making Markets Work for Smallholder Farmers in India

Dharma and Sankata of Markets for Smallholder Farmers in India

Beer Game Problems in Agriculture

Netafim India's Beer Game Problems

Rethinking Defaults and Gameplays of Agribusiness

Rethinking Defaults of Agribusiness in the wake of the Pandemic- Part 01

A Tale of Two Visions and Algorithms

A Tale of Two Algorithms in Agri-Input Retail

A Request from Agribusiness Matters

When Bayer Met Agrostar

3 Lessons on Digital Agronomy from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious.

Introducing Unmagic Quadrant on Digital Agronomy

Udaanisation of Agri-Input Supply Chain

The Politics of Middlemen in Agri-Input Retail

The Beer Game of Agri Input Retail

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