Sitemap - 2023 - Agribusiness Matters

State of Agritech - 26th November 2023

Organic Food Branding Master Class with Shashi Kumar (Akshayakalpa) and Ryan Siwinski (GoodSam Foods)

Full Stacking Food and Agriculture

Saturday Sprouting Reads (BharatAgri, Bull Agritech, Ninjacart, Trader-Farmer Dynamics)

State of Agritech - 7th November 2023

ABM Townhall Dialogues: Divergent Agritech Futures

Mea Culpa!! (++ABM Townhall Recording + Slides)

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Better Life Farming, ONDC, BL Agro Strategic Investment, Caste in Smallholding Agriculture)

The Crimes Behind the Food We Eat

Saturday Sprouting Reads (2023 Indian Agritech Hype Cycle, Satsure, eChoupal 4.0)

Next ABM Townhall: 'Divergent Agritech Futures'

Is Agritech Party Over?

Are you joining us for today's ABM Townhall: "Is Agritech Party Over?"

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Westfalia, Irrigation Tech, Demand Driven Ag Myth, Age-Old Feudal Chokepoints)

'Each Product is a minimum 1000 crore opportunity'

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Krishify, DayaTani, Rural<>Agricultural)

Next ABM TownHall: Is Agritech Party Over?

State of Agritech - 26th September 2023

Will you join us today at ABM Townhall?

The Future of Regenerative Agriculture is Agroecology: Dialogue with Ramanjaneyulu GV

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Middlemen Collectives, Chinese Geopolitical Hunger Games, Agri-Ikigai)

Next ABM TownHall: The 'Economies of Scale' Agritech Myth

Venky Ramachandran

State of Agritech - 13th September 2023

Saturday Sprouting Reads (IndigoAg <>Zero Interest Regime Phenomenon, Jai Kisan's B4R Labs, Agritech <> Venture Sector)

ABM Townhall: Building Digital Index for Agriculture

State of Agritech - 5th September 2023

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agri-Input Biologicals, ITC, DPI/DPG, Climate Change Vs Climate Change Agenda)

State of Agrifood Tech - 30th August 2023

Will you join us today at Agribusiness Matters Townhall?

State of Agritech - 21st August 2023

State of Agrifood Tech - 13th August 2023

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Agrifintech Patterns, Growpital, Agritech - Development Death Cycle)

Corporate FPOs and FPOs as Corporations: Q&A with Ravishankar Natarajan

State of Agritech - 28th July 2023

State of Agritech - 21st July 2023

Gentle Reminder for Agribusiness Matters Town Hall Tonight at 8 PM IST

How to Blow Up Tomatoes in Indian Agriculture

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Bayer<>Cargill, Corteva's Roots+,Two Trajectories of the Future of Indian Agriculture)

[Members-Only] Invitation to join Podcast Dialogue on Building Corporate FPOs

Gentle Reminder for Agribusiness Matters Town Hall Tonight at 8 PM IST

State of Agritech - 1st July 2023

Unpacking Methane and Animal Nutrition

[Members-Only] Invitation to join Podcast Dialogue on Methane and Animal Nutrition

Gentle Reminder for Agribusiness Matters Town Hall

Agribusiness Matters Community Resources Page

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Generative AI Agritech Value Stack, Bühler, Syntropic Farming, Tribal Foods)

Thinking in Systems

Defining Generative AI Agritech Value Stack

Biologicals, Fertilisers and the Future of Soil Health

Gentle Reminder to join Agribusiness Matters Town Hall

The Periodic Table of Agri-fintech Elements: Q&A with Niall Haughey

You Are Invited to Agribusiness Matters Town Hall

State of Drones in Agritech

State of Agritech Drones Panel Today at 2 PM IST (9:30 AM GMT)

Managing Water | Nicholas Brozović and Ankit Chandra

The Art of Agritech Survival

Unpacking India's Dairy Crisis

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Indian Agri-Fintech, Ag Drones Business Models, Agri-Input Supply Chains, Morality of Food, ESG Pushback)

State of Agrifood Tech - 5th April 2023

Saturday Sprouting Reads (FullStacker's Dilemma,, Irrigation Tech, Covantis, Food Systems)

Making sense of

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Digital Agronomy, Farm Laws, Corteva's 'Bioquisition', Alternative Protein Funding, Production Hubs in Agriculture)

Saturday Sprouting Reads (Tribal Superfoods, Big 6 Platform-Ecosystem Agritech Gameplays, 75 Years of Herbicides)

State of Agrifood Tech - 2nd March 2023

3 Tribal Superfoods from India that might go Big in 2023

Saturday Sprouting Reads: Thinking in First Principles to Transform Agricultural Value Chains

State of Agrifood Tech - 21st January 2023

Three Reasons You Should Call "Fourth Agricultural Revolution" Bluff